To Have a New World, We Must See a New World

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To Have a New World, We Must See a New World

To say this will be the last bombing, mass shooting or community tragedy would be naïve. I would hope by now you understand that change is HARD. Change is always resisted. Surely, change is never good for the ones who hold power, because what happens after most change is re-construction. Destruction followed by reconstruction.

While I am not saying we are headed for mass destruction, in truth that was on the agenda many years ago. We, the people of planet earth have made a conscious decision NOT to mass destruct, but to de-construct and rebuild all systems that are broken, that are exploitive, and that do not represent who we are, in our hearts and souls.

To some this may sound loony tunes, in fact, I think so myself at times. However, I have seen miracles, have seen energy moving and flowing, have seen at least one of my angels (and others have seen “him” as well). I know these things sound crazy, but only to those whose hearts and minds are closed to what is real.

As they say in Church, God Provides. Do you really believe that as your reality? Real is not how much money you have in the bank. Real is being able to pay your bills, keep your lights on and have both food and shelter because your trust in God is absolute. Absolute trust in God does not require money in the bank, a new car or fabulous clothes. Absolute trust in God does not require you to attend any church. It does require that you open your heart and mind to see what others refuse to see. We are all connected. We are all from ONE GOD. We are all loved by God. Everything else is false.

GOD is love. God IS Love! God is LOVE!

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  1. Nathan Rogers

    A lot of people ask Christians (and I am a Christian if you didn’t already know ) “How can you believe in a God that probably doesn’t exist and you can’t even see?” The truth is I struggled with that at one point EARLY in my faith. I trusted God to show me the truth and He did. Now, what I mean by “trusted” God is that I placed my faith in Something that I had just encountered and NEVER seen and tested It’s reliability. Please do not be offended by my references to God as Something and It as I am explaining how I thought as I was becoming a believer. This was something new and scary and… mysterious to me. I felt odd placing my faith in Something I had never placed it in before. Then again, all I had placed my faith in before finding God was people. That is something you should NEVER do (Psalm 146:3). Once I started testing God as a new believer, I prayed for Him to come into my heart. Soon after that, He was showing me His love and answering small prayers for me to give me faith anchors (little things – at first – that proved God was really there and really caring and listening to me). Of course, everyone has their own anchors for their faith.

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