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new moon check for abundance

New Moon in CANCER 2017!

As I advised in the beginning of 2017, this year would fly past. In spite of the trump administration, which makes it SEEM like years, time really is moving fast. Many remain unaware and uncaring to the fundamental changes this administration is forcing upon the country. That would be th 54% of the country that […]

New Moon Check for September!

Welcome to September, the end of summer and the New Moon, falling on September 1st. WOW! What a way to start the month. I hope you had an amazing summer and received loads of unexpected in-come along the way. I was pleasantly surprised at how frequently checks and cash showed up in my grateful hands. […]

August 2016 New Moon Check

Can you believe it is already August? This will be a busy month. I will be cramming in all the stuff I did not have the opportunity to pursue, with a little work thrown in for good measure. This summer was an actual summer, hot and muggy. I would not have it any other way! […]

New Moon Check for May 2016

The May New Moon is here! They tell me it is May, though I cannot tell from the temperature. I have not seen the sun since APRIL! The new moon for May 2016 is here. Utilize the energies of the new moon to create, initiate and move your projects forward. Enjoy May and Happy Mother’s […]

New Moon Check February 8, 2016

Time to write that New Moon check for February! Finally can see the grass again after 26″ of snow. However, they are calling for yet another Nor’easter this week. Can it be spring already? If you have been following the weekly angel cards, this is proving to be a productive and prosperous period. Keep that […]