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Today’s Angel Message – Thy Will Be Done

Hello, Keeping the flow of info moving forward. Hope you are having a beautiful weekend! Thanks for reading, Much love, Michelle Today’s Angel Message ==================== Uriel’s Message — Thy Will Be Done Throughout many eons of time and within many lifetimes the nature of Source has been misrepresented to being greater than humanity so that […]

The Lord’s Prayer- A Translation from Aramaic

Hello, This was included in the Blooming Humans (2nd Wave) daily readings. The link to that site is included on my spiritual links page. The simple and amazing beauty took my breathe away. Hope you enjoy and share! Much love, thanks for reading! Michelle The Lord’s Prayer Oh you, breathing life in all, origin of […]

Lets Heal Our Money “Issues” Part II

Hello, Welcome back.  This info was sent out in the Light Circle Ezine. Information on how to sign up for that is on my spiritual links page. The first part is very long, but is the foundation for changing how you actually SEE MONEY!  The importance of changing how money is viewed and changing your […]


Hello! This is the final part of this information. According to the ezine sent out by Ms. Ruth Ryden, she received this information in the late 1990′s. She re-released it for our use in the here and now. Please use your own best judgement for any information received. Personally, the reason I was so upset […]

How Do You Define Grace?

Hello! Hope all in the USA had a wonderful holiday weekend full of family, food and fun! Can you believe summer is here in all her glory? I am passing along Today’s Daily Word which in on Grace. Many people think Grace is something to be earned. It is NOT. Grace is freely given, as […]