Spiritual Resources To Grow Your Spiritual Garden

Your Spiritual Garden

is where your Spirit will flourish!

Spiritual Resources To Grow Your Spiritual Garden

Spiritual Resources for You to Grow in Mind, Body and Spirit!
These are real folks with REAL skills! Take a look at the spiritual resources offered and if so inclined, use their services! Astrology and Numerology have long been interests of mine. These specialties offer different insights into your life, what you were Born to Do and Be, as well as personal challenges and opportunities along the way. Sherri Bishop shows a way to live your life with DE-Lite! Her free monthly calls are outstanding!
Thanks for reading and trusting my suggested spiritual resources that I offer with love and gratitude!

Spiritual Resources for Spiritual Seekers

Spiritual Resources

I have a page of books dedicated to spiritual growth, healing and development. Please check it out HERE!
I am not a strong advocate for those in the energy healing arts. This is not to say healers are frauds or anything of the sort. I personally, never felt the need to have a “healing.” Let me say I was Oh So WRONG! I had an amazing, intense and empowering healing session with Jean Rockefeller (of Jack the Watcher fame) and it blew me away. Literally! The healing was so powerful and personal that I will be working with this energy for weeks. My need to release past lives, guilt, fear, anger and betrayal was unacknowledged consciously and unconsciously. This healing is not for the dabbler. This healing is for the spiritual seeker who is awake, aware and READY to Let Go of every single thing that no longer serves you, the greater Good or God. YOU made a commitment when you came here – a commitment to serve. Are you feeling blocked, stagnated or just not growing as you desire? Please check out Jean’s site. Make your own decision. I HIGHLY Recommend. HIGHLY!
Ed Castro
Ed Castro – Election Preditions, Soul Mates and More!

Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue is the creator of my favorite angel cards. Imagine my surprise when I discovered her page, complete with free angel card readings, detailed information on angels, including specialties and meditations. If you are truly interested in learning ALL About Angels, please check out Angel Therapy!

Craig Wright

Business and Personal Accountants
B’s Tax Service
Catonsville, MD
Ask for Ms. Alfreda or Ms. Hazel!

Jen Snyder
“Jen Snyder is a family photographer in Bel Air, MD serving Harford County and the surrounding Baltimore area. She specializes in showing Moms the unconditional love their children have for them.”
If you checked out my Listen To Your Mother post, you will see evidence of Jen’s skill and ability to create picture perfect moments. If you are in the Baltimore area, please consider her the next time you are taking family photos! You will not be disappointed!

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Numerology can offer wonderful insights into YOU. What are your strengths, hidden talents and divine gifts? Find out for FREE by checking out this site I just found. Great info and should you wish to learn more, they offer detailed reports for a fee.
Affinity Numerology!

Incredible JOY . . . Livin’ in the FUN Zone
Do you believe it’s even possible to have it all? Incredible JOY was created with the intention of spreading the message that we can all choose to live *extraordinary* lives…no one has to settle for ordinary, life is supposed to be FUN and the JOY is in the journey!
Utilizing highly effective techniques, Sherri will guide you in getting to the core issues and emotional barriers that are keeping you stuck in neutral and preventing you from realizing your true potential. She emphasizes the importance of balancing and directing your energy to align with your desires.
The process will allow you to create a life filled with greater ease, fulfillment and Incredible JOY while Livin’ in the FUN Zone!
If you’d like to know more, please visit: http://www.incrediblejoy.com
Sherri Bishop


Creating and Living your Most Benevolent Outcome!
by Tom T. Moore

Learn how to start creating your best outcome, with the assistance of God, your guardian angels and spirit guides. It has been said that while angels stand ready to assist, we are responsible to ASK for assistance. Time to get your program on the road!
Tom offers both a blog and a website featuring his books. Please check them out! Use the Most Benevolent Outcome (MBO) requests DAILY to keep in touch with YOUR angels! Tom is another “gentle spirit.”


Additional Links
Jayme Price For LightWorkers Everywhere. Uplifting and Powerful- Weekly Light BLASTS!

Jean Rockefeller for Jack the Watcher – Jack’s Corner

For sheer reading pleasure combined with enlightenment, please check out Ponder Central.
A Series of Inspirational and/or Thought-provoking Messages shared since 1999 by “Spirituality Simplified” author Jeff Maziarek

Best Psychic Directory logo

Intentional Butterfly
Website seeking all who think that they have nothing to offer. WE need you now! Small, simple deeds are the seeds we plant when we share kindness. This is a beautiful site. Check out the Sanctuary where you can place your own Blessing for the World!
Intentional Butterfly

Unity – Daily Word


Golden Age of Aquarius
Awaken to the Golden Age of Aquarius
Live a Fulfilling Life That Impacts the World!

Wonderful site with loads of great information for both the novice and long time light warriors. Learn all you can. Trust YOUR self and judge based on your feelings about all information shared.


Power of Imagination:

URL: http://www.power-of-imagination.com
Description: All You Can Learn about Quantum Law of Attraction, Creative
Visualisation, Yoga Meditations, Self Hypnosis Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Regression, How to
Develop Psychic,Silva UltraMind ESP, Understanding God and Information about God.

Christopher Dilts
As An Angel

I even have a testimonial on his site under “Tele Classes”
He has a gentle spirit and his tele classes and seminars are wonderful. If you feel you need assistance in connecting with YOUR angels, let him lead the way!

All You Can Learn about Quantum Law of Attraction, Creative Visualisation, Yoga Meditations, Self Hypnosis Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Regression, How to Develop Psychic, Silva UltraMind ESP, Understanding God and Information about God.

SelfGrowth.com is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia

Many of the articles I share with you came from The Light Circle Ezine. I want to thank Lady Isis for her part in sharing light and amazing articles with us all these years. She clearly stated that her work would come to an end in 2012. Thank YOU!


Kelly Canull


Blooming Humans! A 42 day journey in gratitude and growth!
This journey starts with you planting your own Dream Seed- in YOUR Spiritual Garden (I just love how these work together)! Plant your dream seed and live YOUR Dream!

For those not familiar with the Go Gratitude movement, please check that out as well.


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