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Spiritual Resources for Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurship
More specifically, social entrepreneurs adopt a mission to create and sustain social value. They pursue opportunities to serve this

Are YOU A Social Entrepreneur?
Are you seeking your spiritual niche? A Social Entrepreneur seeks to better the conditions we all live in without focusing on just making a dollar. I call these people who are seeking to find ways to improve lives, living conditions while creating viable solutions to social problems spiritual/social entrepreneurs. A spiritual/social entrepreneur breaths life into their vision FOR THE GREATER GOOD! They seek to aid and assist, to uplift, not “take.” They do this not for personal wealth, fame or fortune, though many who travel this path get ALL this and the grace that comes from assisting others. It is in this spirit that I share some of the resources that have helped me share my messages to the world!
Please read this article from The Daily Good – 5 Insights From Social Entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneur

While this is not a Resource, it is an example of social entrepreneurship at it’s best. Please take a few minutes to check out what the founder of 5 Hour Energy is working on for the world!
Billions In Change - Clean Water, Free Electricity and a healthier you!


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As I discover/remember additional resources for social entrepreneurs, I will share them with you. There is a hosting company I need to add and will do so in the next few days. If YOU have any resources you are currently using, please SHARE! Contact me directly and I will be happy to add!

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