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Michelle D. Smith – Author and Publisher

Angels Here To Help is my publishing company. The books I write and the calendars I create will be released and published through Angels Here To Help! This page also is for bragging rights. It is nice to know that playing on the computer can get you published! Thank you for your continued support!

My first published book is My Life As A Mermaid. That earned it’s own page on my site and you can find it here or at the top of the page.

mermaid, mermaid life, life as a mermaid, past live, reincarnation

My Life As A Mermaid

My first published story is in the publication Mom For The Holiday. I am a contributing author! The book is available NOW!
contributing author Mom for the Holidays

Mom For The Holidays
Lisa Nolan and Rachel Demas

You can find it on Amazon!
Mom For The Holidays

Two other stories of mine have been accepted for publication. They will be added to this page when they are!

The most difficult story to read was Listen To Your Mother – Baltimore! I performed on Saturday, May 9, 2015. Here is my You Tube premier reading, Our Single Mom’s Club! My gratitude to Ms. Taya Dunn Johnson and Ms. Arlene Jackson for all their amazing support and love that continues to this day. Thank you both!

The Artist Saint created 12 black angels for a 2017 calendar. I helped create this beautiful calendar and hope you like what you see. This will make an awesome Christmas gift! Click the link to see all 12 angels!
angels, black angels, black art, black calendar

Black Angels 2017

Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.
I hope to update my author page soon! Come back and check me out! Thanks for reading!

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