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Message From Matthew

Suzy Ward

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Always
we are happy to address issues that are of concern to readers and are in the
minds of many others in your world too, no doubt because mainstream media are
giving these topics the most coverage: Al Qaida jailbreaks, threats and splinter
terrorist groups; contaminated water flowing from Fukushima nuclear facility
into the ocean; mounting casualties in Syria’s civil war and the escalating
conflict in Egypt.

There’s also emphasis on violence in Pakistan, wildfires, flooding, various
crimes, vehicle crashes and celebrity scandals as well as speculation about a
cyberspace “war,” Iran’s nuclear development stage, the use of NSA’s
electronically-gathered data, and the strained relations between the leaders of
Russia and the United States.

First we say that for the most part, the reporters and the few individuals who
own all major media outlets still are captive of third density mentality with
its predominant fear factor and proclivity for sensationalism. Thus they
dependably present an alarming slant on selective world affairs and laboriously
report tragic or shocking events; rarely are positive happenings considered

The Internet is a valuable source of enlightening, accurate information, but it
also offers negatively-tilted information such as predictions of catastrophic
geophysical events or dire outcomes to current situations. Usually those
prognoses are based on your recorded history, a history that has no bearing on
Earth’s ascension or your own; and, like some mainstream media reporting, the
Internet also has articles that contain false information or are distorted by
the omission of vital details.

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