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Message from Matthew

This message came at a time when giving up appeared to be a viable option. While I KNOW I do not have that option, it certainly has it’s appeal. I have copied the first part of the message. IF the message resonates with YOU, YOUR JOB, should you choose to accept it is to click the link and FINISH reading the message. The message is amazing. God’s timing is PERFECT. So is this message.

Much LOVE!

By: Suzy Ward
June 11, 2013

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. As we
address the issues in which readers have expressed greatest interest, please
keep in mind that the “negative” end of the duality spectrum is at its zenith;
and that energy, once set in motion, must run its course. You are seeing the
combination of individuals with violent tendencies following their intensified
urge to commit violence—whether in random acts or leaders oppressing their
peoples—and the playing out of energy in many diverse situations around your

Turmoil in Turkey, ostensibly to protect a park, was instigated by the CIA’s
“black ops” to stoke the fire between the Sunnis and Shi’ites and lead to a
blazing war. Just as all other countries in your world, Turkey has policies that
are not satisfying every citizen, but it is economically sound and
progressive—and that’s what the Illuminati want to destroy. Although their
global network has come apart at the seams, a few peak individuals are stuck in
their delusion that they will take over the entire Mideast and move on to
control the rest of the world too. Most assuredly, that will not happen, and
when the unrest in Turkey subsides, and it shall soon, some reforms will emerge
and further strengthen the country’s progressive path.

In mid-eastern countries where the people have ousted despotic or dynastic
rulers, freedom is new and it is natural that there is confusion about
leadership and governance. Eventually a consensus will be reached in each
country and the kind of democratic rule that best suits each will be instituted.

Syria is somewhat different because disparate groups are battling the Assad
regime—their purpose is the same, but each group has its own agenda, so to say.
When victory does come, there will be a time of severe dissension led by the
most radical in the groups until common sense and wisdom prevail; then a
coalition will be formed to move the country toward a peaceful stability.

China’s interest is not in “economically conquering the USA,” but in dealing
with its serious internal issues. Among the world’s major nations economically
speaking, China and the United States have the largest internal challenges. Due
to its authoritarian nature tempered by clear vision, the Chinese government is
working on solutions to its problem areas; due to democracy gone awry, action in
the United States in regard to troublesome areas is comparatively at a

This is an appropriate place to address questions that many readers have asked:
How can US President Obama defend the National Security Agency’s collection of
data from citizens’ private telephone conversations and Internet records? Why
did he sign the Monsanto Protection Act? Congressional actions are public
knowledge, but what goes on behind closed doors is not known, and we shall tell
you what is relevant to these two situations.

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