Mermaid Facts Based on Science

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Mermaid Facts Based on Science

My Life As A Mermaid, was published as my first channelled book. Channelling is something a gifted intuit uses to access past life memories, usually those of a person requesting a reading. Until I wrote my mermaid tale, I thought that “gift” was reserved for other people. I discovered this is a talent anyone can develop, with intent, an open heart and even more open mind.

That said, I saw a caption for an article that looked intriguing. Intriguing because the caption was Deep Water Corals Are Capable of Creating Their Own Sunshine by Bryan Nelson. In my book, one of the ways we decorated our “homes” was the use of corals. What I saw in my mind was different colored corals, living breathing and glowing in different colors. This created a soft shimmering light at all times.

Picture courtesy of article by Bryan Nelson provided by Wiki Commons

deep coral

Deepwater Coral

Writing a book with such a small niche has been challenging and a bit overwhelming. However, I am overjoyed to find that one, small part I wrote is a scientific probability. That, alone is enough to keep me writing! If you feel this world offers all work, no joy, more hate, less love, more detail, less creativity, perhaps the reflections of a mermaid is just what you are looking for.

Take the plunge and join the open minds and hearts of those who love and believe in the dream of a mermaid life. I dare you!

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