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Jayme Price’s Weekly Light Blast

The info in this post cannot be overstated. NOW is the time to dismiss your fear. Scary, yes, necessary, hell to the yes! Now is all the time we ever have. When will you do what you need for you? When will you pay attention to what you know is TRUTH? If not Now, then WHEN? The only person with the answer is you. You are responsible for your joy and your pain. Choose wisely. Choose with your heart. Be not afraid, for fear can only be about the future. Now is the present.

The world is yours if you are bold enough to reach out and grab- not in selfishness, but as part of a whole. Are you ready?

Be, live and breath in the Now!

Weekly LightBlast
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JULY 12, 2012



There is a flow to life that is well represented by the infinity symbol, the lemniscate. This geometry of movement is built into the Flow of Life and is most often invisible, but flowing nonetheless. Its heritage can be found in the beginnings of life on earth as two become one and one becomes two and the cycle continues, building and continuing, ever simple and if preferred, complex. In your moment, this flow is Acceptance; in your Power, this flow is Choice. To choose is to Know Love so completely that Acceptance becomes an easy flow and the breath of Life creates anew.

Acceptance is a powerful point of creation. It is not a weak position, it is not lack of creating, it is a release of resistance, which blocks flow. The creative one then chooses, which directs flow. The wise one then allows, which enhances flow, because choice is trusted and The Field will always answer back with what is building into form. Do you know clearly how to read the response of Life? It will show you through emotions and through synchronicities (with others, television, dreams, numbers, Facebook, advertisements, etc.) where your focus is needed to refine or enhance your creation. As a worker of Light, you are to utilize the subtle that others would disregard and weave the golden age into being (Be the golden age into being!). Acceptance is a gateway to rapid manifestation and is indicative of One that understands the Flow of Love and the power of choice. From your powerful point of Acceptance you have infinite choice as to what you will create.

As we sit to Blast Acceptance, we are opening the flow of creation into our hearts and using our brilliant minds to choose. We are allowing Life to be as it is, offering the refreshing current of forgiveness, appreciation and Namaste to flow to all those around us. We are transforming the ‘negative’ into the spectrum of contrast that expands life into greater flow of Love, the all-encompassing uniter of Life. We are coming into greater alignment with the natural flow of life, infinite in its ability to expand and powerful in its ability to Love. We are the infinite in finite appearance, creating a moment of Love in form. Blast on!

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