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Free Angel Card Reading For You

I just discovered a REAL Free Angel Card reading page! Now, if you want to receive more information, please don’t forget I am still offering angel card readings for your insight and inspiration!
Check out this FREE Angel Card Reading, offered by Melanie from Ask Angels (which is what I keep telling you!).

There are a few Free Angel Card Reading widgits available online. Recently I discovered that my free angel card app was no longer available. So, what I have to offer is a bit limited. Ann Albers is a trusted source and offer an angel playroom on her site, Visions of Heaven. There is a myriad of free readings of which to partake. So, check it out and take your pick! The link is Angel Playroom!.

I have used several of the resources on Ann’s page. Discovering her page saved me a LOT of typing. I highly recommend Lotus Tarot. It is an oldie and a goodie!

Praying Angel

Praying Angel

I offer free readings to give you access to all the goodies I have used in my spiritual quest. At some point in time, I will no longer offer readings. This is a natural progression. Other things are calling for my attention, and this page allows you to find out if you are comfortable in actually paying for a reading, and if a reading is for you. Use the resources. Get familiar with how readings work and what they can and cannot do.

The second reason I offer this page is because even the best widgit is still a program. You may receive all the information you feel is necessary, but to go deeper, explain more or simply enhance the experience, a paid angel card reading may eventually be desired or required.

My final reason is selfish and generous at the same time. Since you are already on my site, why make you search for an additional site for a free reading when I have the opportunity to keep you engaged and interested, right here on Your Spiritual Garden!

So, please check out the FREE Angel resource page for yourself. Share what you discover. This helps the next person, and the next and the next. Keeping something of value to yourself that you can share is not part of this new world we are creating.


  1. Kim Hamilton

    I was so excited when someone sent me to your site. Sadly, on my iMac I was unable to read the meanings of any card…it appears as black text on a black background. Just wanted you to know.

    • I am so sorry to hear that. You can also find my Angel Card of the Week on my Facebook page. Thanks for visiting my site :) Adding to my original response (I think I misread your comment), the FREE reading is an app that has been online for a while. It is FREELY shared, and may predate your Imac – Bear in mind, it is free. So sorry you could not access, but it is not my app – Even the cards shown are no longer available.

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