Do You Know What You Have To Offer?

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Do You Know What You Have To Offer?

This is so true- I read it after I came home on Monday from a long day of appointments. The last lady who assisted me really made me feel like all is well and that I too have loads to share. Get out of your own way and share your light, joy and laughter with the world. What are you keeping it for? It is meant to be shared – so get to sharing!


On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know…

..that you have something important to contribute

to your world today.

Every day God sends you one person for whom
you hold a gift in your hand. You will not know
what it is until that person greets you, but you
will then know it immediately.

The only questions remaining will be: Will you give
your gift? Right then and there? Fully and completely?

By the end of this day you will know why you
received this message just now.

Love, Your Friend….


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