Divine is the Daily Word

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Divine is the Daily Word

Daily Word
Saturday May 3, 2014
Starting Point

Spirit is active in me to accomplish unlimited good.

Every dream has a point of origin—a moment when we know there is something that is ours to do. Our dreams are sparked by divine ideas. From the start of any new adventure, I draw upon my faith, because I know I am one with Divine Mind. I embrace divine ideas as they come to me, knowing I have the power to bring them to fruition.

Through the power of imagination, I envision my dreams unfolding. I cultivate them in my consciousness and give thanks for their ultimate manifestation.

Divine setting sun

Divine Sunset

I use the power of strength to persevere in my goals and use wisdom and will to make the right choices. With a spirit of success, I joyfully embark on new life adventures.

Be glad and rejoice forever in what I am creating.—Isaiah 65:18
Walk with God, for that is your divine birthright. Own it!

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