Courage In Times of Cowardice

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Courage In Times of Cowardice

It is difficult to be courageous when being cowardly is the norm. What is required of all lightworkers, spiritual seekers, those claiming being “woke” and all those who understand, feel and see the reality of life in 2018 is this is the time to SPEAK UP! Stand for what you believe, based on what YOU know to be truth. Truth is searched for and the journey is long, lonely and ongoing. Truth is not found on a TV show, in a book, or movie. Notice I used A – singular. Truth CAN be found in all those places if you have taken the time to develop another byproduct of courage – discernment.

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The reason discernment leads to courage is because if you wish to be spiritually enlightened, you will understand as lonely as the road is, you are not on that path alone. Millions travel with you. Some of those people will vibe with you, some won’t. All are headed for the same place – though the outcomes of the journey will differ based on what we chose to do with our allotted time here on earth.

Courage has come up several times for me over the past weekend. I have been encouraged to follow my best intuitions. To have the courage of my convictions, to act on those things that I can no longer remain silent about. If you know me, you know being silent is not my strong point. However, I am now picking my battles strategically, using research and facts to bolster my arguments – and sharpen my attacks. While my attacks are written, never underestimate the power of words. Especially when facts are your road dogs.

I implore you to open your heart and mind to what you have to offer and then share those gifts and talents with the world. Nothing, no gift or talent you have is yours. Trust that your gift was meant to be shared. Those who appreciate you, support you and love you will find you – the real you that has been hidden. Come out and play, sing, write, create and inspire. The world needs your light!

Below, you will find one of my favorite songs, one that I heard this weekend. This song made me think when I was 20 and caused me to reflect on what I have and haven’t accomplished in the past 40 years. Thanks for reading and listening! Now get to work!

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