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Ruth Ryden - Masters of Light

A Message From Ms. Ruth Ryden

This is a very long message from Ms. Ruth Ryden and the Masters of Light. Normally, I would give you a sample of the message, and the link to Yahoo Groups. However, the group message is a little funky, with lots of extra characters (?). So, am including message in its entirety. Thanks for taking […]

Another Light Warrior Message

Not just for light warriors- the message is, as always, for those who FIND and READ it! Be blessed and thanks for reading! Michelle NEWSLETTER #127 FROM RUTH AND THE MASTERS OF LIGHT APRIL, 2013 Dear Readers, as many places in our world have celebrated Easter, remembering the resurrection of Jesus, it is disheartening to […]

A Message from Ms. Ruth Ryden

Sorry for how late this message is. Have not been WORKING. This is only the FIRST part of Ms. Ruth’s message. See the link at the bottom to read the entire post. I HIGHLY recommend it! As always, thanks for taking the time to read! Michelle NEWSLETTER #126 FROM RUTH & THE MASTERS OF LIGHT […]

Ruth Ryden Part II

Thanks for coming back! This is very long, so it will be the last post until next week. I share this because this gentle lady is a joy to correspond with. I look forward to the day when I can share my abundance with her. This portion is for EVERYONE who believes they have nothing […]

Ruth Ryden Part I

Long message from Ms.Ruth. Please come back on 2/22/13 to read part II. Appreciate! Michelle NEWSLETTER #125 FROM RUTH & THE MASTERS OF LIGHT *************************FEBRUARY, 2013 Part I**************************** Good morning! Well, we sure know it’s winter! Even here in Arizona, we had very low temperatures, causing an outside water pipe to break (repaired ok), a […]