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Light Circle Ezine readings

Faith is Today’s Daily Word

Monday, April 28, 2014 Faith My faith is strong and my life successful. Daily Word Faith is the perceiving power of mind coupled with the power to shape substance. It is knowing that what I seek is already mine in Spirit. Through the power of faith and the energy of God, I cocreate experiences of […]

Angel Message

Today’s Angel Message ===================== On this day we would like to thank each of those who have joined in the discussions on our Facebook page. This is now, and will become more of, a way for all to share the wisdom they have gleaned during this time of ascension. We urge all of those who […]

A Message Regarding The Feminine Awakening

This is a LONG post to be true- I felt the message is more effective in its entirety. Thanks for reading! Be Blessed, Michelle Hearts Opening, Birth Push Time and The Divine Feminine Roaring to Life! Monthly Vision – October 2012 by Dana Mrkich =============================================================== Finding yourself crying over the nightly news lately? Feeling the […]

Imagine a World with Dragons!

Being the open minded nutcase that I am, I would love a world where I could see fairies, elves, dragons and unicorns. Why not have these lovely creatures adding to the joy of being alive and showing us exactly how it is to be done. Just a dream from long ago, but what if? Thanks […]

Today’s Angel Message

New Moon Check for Abundance Today’s Angel Message ===================== Today we are happy to point out to you the build-up of the ten-ten portal energy. Those who are sensitive will already know this. Still, many insist that nothing is happening. It is amazing to us that so many are still in denial when there is […]