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Anchoring of The Feminine Divine

In early April, I had a pretty intense healing session with Jean Rockefeller (Jack the Watcher). Jean advised that part of the challenges of the current energies is how your body must adjust or re-calibrate. I equate it to the GPS – recalculating. Saturday morning about 3am, I started getting heart palpitations. After I ruled […]

High Ego or High Self Esteem?

Greetings! The difference between High Ego and High Self Esteem is that High Ego is at someone else’s expense. High Self Esteem is the ability to Soar and take others with you. ~ Debbie Mancini (thanks Debbie!) https://www.facebook.com/DEARMAMADEB I often wonder at the people who can only make themselves feel better if they are judging […]

Are You Interested In A Romantic Relationship?

As Featured In Over40Females.com The start of a New Year is a great time to assess where you are regarding an intimate relationship and where you would like to be. Have you worked hard on being the best you possible, but still face challenges in your personal relationships? Are you seeking a spiritual equal, a […]

My Battle With Fred

My battle started before Fred had a name, just a pain, without a source in my jaw. Since I have been getting dental work done for the last 2 years, I just knew it could not be a cavity, let alone a tooth that needed pulling. It was not until the morning that I felt […]

Why ARE You Here?

What is your song? I have shared the message regarding “Your Song” several times on my blog. Just last night, watching “Chopped” of all things, one of the firefighters stated “We are ALL here to do SOMETHING” advising he was here to be a helper. So, what are you here for? Finding the answer, the […]