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Kabbalah Wisdom from Karen Berg

I received this early this week. It is one of the motivational and inspirational messages I receive from Karen Berg. She is the spiritual director of The Kabbalah Centre. If you are interested in learning more, she can be found here. Enjoy your weekend. Be kind to someone and share your joy Show, don’t tell […]

An Angel in the Sky

It is not often we get to actually see an angel. After all, we are only human and often, even when we SEE, we refuse to believe. If you have checked out my spiritual support page, you will note I have a newsletter listed call The Gentle Way. It was this newsletter that received many […]

Who Wants MORE Joy?

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful. Mae West My joy for this week began on Sunday morning with my girlfriend Donna, calling to see what plans I had for the day. Since I had yet to get out of bed, obviously, the answer was nada, nothing, not a damn thing. It was […]

Angel Messages – The Good News Continues

As stated on Thursday’s post “Good News, Bad News and Faith” the message I shared appears to have been heard by many others. This week, my Angel Card of the week was “Watch YOUR Thoughts” again, a request from on high to pay attention to What you pay attention to. Angel Messages abound when you […]