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Jeshua Messages

On Speaking Your Truth

The message shared today is regarding something that is almost commonplace – speaking truth to a matter/person and sharing that information in a way that is loving and heard. It matters not WHAT you say to someone if the cannot Hear you and/or do not listen. That is words and breath wasted. Most of the […]

Jeshua Message and More

Whew, still lots and lots more! Thanks for reading. As usual, use YOUR discernment for messages shared. All will not apply. As you reach a deeper understanding of YOU, your understanding of the messages will increase and expand. Be Blessed and continue to bless those you meet each and every day. Much love, Michelle Oakbridge […]

Trust Your Heart

This appears to be a recurring theme. Trust YOUR heart. Now is the time to put your trust in you- before allowing what appears to be true to be given the title of real. While there are many challenges yet ahead, believe that you know the best way to handle each and every one. Believe […]

Jeshua Messages

Thanks for reading! Michelle Oakbridge University – Jeshua – Message of the Day Beloved one, oftentimes you carry with you at a subconscious level the message that I’m not quite good enough. I can always be striving to be better, to read the right book, to meet the right teacher, to go to the right […]

Jeshau – Messages for Several Days!

3 Gems from Oakbridge University. Oakbridge University – Jeshua – Message of the Day  Beloved one, you may be feeling like manure inside, but if you will smile at another one, a funny thing happens. Nine times out of ten they smile back at you, and the energy changes. You feel, “Oh, that person acknowledged […]