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Jack and the Watchers

The Feminine Divine, Revisited

Jack and the Watchers, along with Jean Rockefeller will be facilitating a global healing meditation on February 28, to welcome, embrace and expand the love and grace of the Feminine Divine. Will you join us? I penned a post on this very subject in May 2014. Just a tad bit ahead of the curve. However, […]

A NEW Message from Jack and the Watchers!

All weekend, I thought about Jean and Jack the Watcher (as well as Murphy Leigh). Since we had a major snowstorm, I really hung out, ate, slept and watched TV – all weekend long (to my shame). Imagine my surprise and delight when I opened my email today to see that a new message had […]

Jack Introduces His Friend Merlin!

For my old readers, Jack the Watcher is a horse owned by Jean Rockefeller. There are times when we go months without a message and times like this summer when each time I log into Facebook, another message has been posted. In this message, Jack introduces his friend Merlin, and Merlin’s message is a magical […]

Jack The Watcher

I have not shared a Jack the Watcher message in a LONG Time. Not because Jack has not shared information, I have not been in the mood to share his information with my readers. With all the chaos and confusion swirling around my life, I cannot manage to share Everything with my readers. However, you […]

Jack The Watcher

Jack the Watcher www.JeanRockefeller.com

Jack The Watcher by: Jean Rockefeller You Light is shining brighter than ever before, DO NOT Allow Anyone to Diminish IT, simply because it is blinding THEM. My Friends, My Compatriots, My Comrades in Arms, Fellow Members of the Legion Of Light, it has been an honor to serve with you. My task in this […]