Angel Card of the Week - June 30, 2014

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Angel Card of the Week – June 30, 2014

The Angel Card of the Week
Angel Tarot Cards
The DREAMER 0 – Archangel Metatron

This is a first for me. In all the years I have read angel cards, I have NEVER received the same card in the exact same position.

Angel Card -O The Dreamer

Angel Card – The Dreamer

Picking a duplicate of an Angel Card was a bit amazing, I will admit.

So, here is what I received regarding this amazing coincidence.
1) There ARE no coincidences
2) There have been a few disturbances “n the force” affecting my life personally, perhaps this extends into the lives of others as well.
3) When incidents occur that shake your faith, many people, myself included “assume” we have done something wrong, that we are being punished, or we are no longer guarded, guided and protected by our angels.
4) NOTHING can be further from the TRUTH!
5) REJOICE – For you and I are STILL on the path of the dreamer! We are being guided, guarded and protected. My angels have a great sense of humor. After a week of gloom and doom, they gave me the card of the spiritual seeker AGAIN. GET back to work! You are needed, right here and right now!
Thanks for reading the angel card of the week. Here is the original link from 2 weeks ago (or just check out the sidebar)!

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