Weekly Angel Card July 24, 2016

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Weekly Angel Card July 24, 2016

Angel Card of the Week
Romance Angel Cards
by:Doreen Virtue
New Love!

The romance angels sent this angel card to let you know a new love is on the horizon. This could be someone you recently met, or will meet in the near future. As with all angel cards, the information is to advise you to be aware, stay in the present and keep a smile on your face because you never know when your opportunity will present itself.

romance angel card, new love

A new person has stirred romantic feelings

If you wish to be in a relationship, this is especially good news. While meeting new people appears to be difficult, the reality is your angels work hard on your behalf to “arrange” those sychronistic events to bring people together. Your faith is important now. Never forget that God wants you in positive, productive and inspiring relationships. Relationships that make you a better person. This takes care and time. This angel card assures you that yes, love is on the horizon!

Keep your positive flow going and let your light glow. Bring that new love into your life with joyful assurance that it is now your turn. You deserve love and are lovable. Stay beautiful and uplifted! Have a blessed week. Thanks for reading the angel card of the week.

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