Mission Statement

Your Spiritual Garden

is where your Spirit will flourish!

Mission Statement

Your Spiritual Garden has been a long held dream of mine. This is a safe space where people who are spiritually seeking can find inspiration, motivation and hopefully collaboration.

Our planet, beloved Gaia was created with a wealth of abundance for each and every one of us. Imagine. An entire world created so that we, the Human race, could evolve to a higher frequency of love, light and joy. Of remembering who and whose we are.

My generation, the baby boomers did know this in the 1960’s and early 1970’s. That is why the hippies protested by growing their hair, dropping out of school, staging sit INS and marches. WE knew then that what we saw was never meant to be reality.
Flash forward to when I created this blog. It was the worst week of my life. I lost my beloved Mama at 105 years young. She was my spiritual, emotional and mental soul mate. We loved each other unconditionally and she supported each and every thing I did and even some of the more stupid things I have done.

Butterfly Love!

Mission Statement
I say all this to say that my job is to
COMMUNICATE. To be the bridge between what is and what can be. To shine the light and open the door to show others (way shower) what our reality can and will be. I believe that when good people come together for the greater good, great things can happen.

I seek to share my talents for writing, intuitive Angel readings, for uplifting, inspiring and providing assistance when and where I can. It is why I am here. So, why are you here? Do you know? Do you WANT to know? Contact me with any questions or comment. I am here to be of service!

Thank you for reading.

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