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Michelle D. Smith – About Me

Hello Fellow Spiritual Gardener!

My name is Michelle D. Smith. I am here to assist in the enlightenment of my family, community, country and world. Isn’t that why you are here? In sharing knowledge, we uplift each other. This will always be a safe space to examine, explore and learn about new,different and I pray, inspirational people. Every question is welcomed. Please use the comment field or contact me directly! Ask and it WILL be given to you!

Mission Statement
Please don’t feel I even think I have all the answers. What I DO know is ALL the answers are available if you are sincere in seeking them within. Very difficult and sometimes frightening at times, know that you are always protected if that is your desire. Ask for help. If you are a person who is thirsty for spiritual knowledge, you can begin your journey here.

As a natural intuitive, I have had the grace to talk (yes I said TALK) my way out of many, many situations. Today, I am on the straight but not so narrow path. While I still resist, there really are changes made in your life, lifestyle and choices when you actually commit to being a more spiritually based human. This year, I created a new company called “Angels Here To Help.” A message from my angels that I am sharing with you.
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Thank God EVERY day for being. Good or bad, things have a way of working out for the best. TRUST! I am a natural communicator and true Gemini. I talk fast and think faster!

2010 was brutal for me personally. My health challenged me in a way I have never (nor ever) wish to see again. I was very close to death and would have left this earth had that been the plan. I COULD have left this world if I was not so stubborn. However, I am still here, humbled and ready to do my part. This site is part of my commitment to my personal spiritual growth, my way of sharing what I know and have learned. I have resisted the “idea” of writing a blog, I mean, after all who am I? The actual answer is I, like you am a Child of God. We are all in this together. We are each responsible for our choices. Now is the time to make the best choices possible in hopes of a better world for us all.
So, I am Michelle D. Smith and in my 50′s (but think I am much younger!) and a Spiritual Warrior! I have always challenged the status quo, never allowed myself (or others) to be walked over. Always demanded respect and shown respect where it is warranted. That said, there is a warrior element to my spirit that has not yet gone to “sleep.” It is this part of my spirit that said -”I can no longer deal with this job another SECOND!”  It is the gladiator in my spirit that sees that we the “regular people” are the ones to whom the brunt of all that is wrong with our government and its policies now fall upon. So, when things are WRONG- They are WRONG! And I am usually the only one who will stand up and say so!

As a young child, I went to church with my Great Aunt (Merle) as she was the organist and always on call. I have never been a morning person, so getting up early seven days a week really taxed my patience. While I loved singing in the choir, however, long church services always made me restless. As I grew older, I not only questioned organized religion, but a God who demanded that he/she only be worshiped one way, that only ONE WAY was the right way to connect to God. A God that I felt belonged to me and everyone else.

So, I started looking for answers in other religious doctrines, books on spirituality, lost “books of the bible”, etc. THEN the questioning really began! At a soul level, I KNOW we are all in this together, there is but ONE GOD and MEN, not GOD is the reason the planet is in the mess we are in. MEN decided what could and could not be in the Bible. WHY?

I am a firm believer in God, A Higher Power, the Universe, Mother God, Father God, whatever name you choose. Mine is God, sometimes Mother God, sometimes Father God. But that is me – my choice. What is yours? I recently reviewed an astrology profile I was gifted with this year. One of my descriptions was iconoclast. Never having seen that word before, I looked it up. The definition may surprise you. Take a look if your interest has been piqued!
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I am still a work in progress.  I started doing spiritual readings in 2010 which were very well received. However, I could not maintain while ill. Too much of a drain on my energy. So, I let that go for the moment. Have always been “on the spiritual path”, though I thought I had jumped off a time or two.  Have been informed I never left the path, just got to express my free will as I saw fit.  That said, I have always been and felt divinely protected. So my eternal gratitude to Mother and Father God, my angels (who have been tested to no end), my spiritual guides and family. Thank you for everything.

I am proud to say I have a articles that will be published in anthologies over the next six months or so. I am an “official” author! I also read a piece in the ensemble play written by “moi” and which you can see by clicking Listen To Your Mother, Baltimore!

Many years ago (early 20′s) I got a $5 reading from an older woman from one of the Caribbean Islands. Her reading was quite short (ok what did I expect for $5), but right to the point.  She stated “You walk with a big genie”.  What in the world does that mean? So I asked. What she told me was I could do ANYTHING I wanted in this life and be relatively safe, provided I paid attention to my intuition, my gut, or as I now KNOW- My Angels. Not something you should tell a 20 year old to be sure. However, it did help me in many situations, several of which should have lead to grave injuries or even death. To say I pushed all boundaries would not be a stretch of the imagination.

Feel free to contact me or post your own observations. If you have a topic you feel I should address, CONTACT ME and let me know! It may take a few (hours or days) for your comments to be published or your question to be addressed. But fear not, You will receive an answer or your most welcome comment will Be published! You may email me at my name at(@) YourSpiritualGarden dot (.) com

I completed the Hay House course by Doreen Virtue to BE a Certified Angel Card Reader! Is there a situation you can use angelic assistance with? Then Request Your Reading! i also accept donations for those who feel so moved. Please use the “Donation” button on the sidebar! Your blessing is so appreciated!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Take care of yourself and each other.  Together is how we reach or goal of joy, love and abundance for ALL. Will you join me?


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    Looking forward to tomorrow’s posting…I can’t wait to see what you’ve added to Marian’s thoughts! Thanks Michele for being here!

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