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New Moon/Eclipse February 2018 and RADIO Interview!

Been a while since I posted a New Moon Check. I am writing my own new moon checks, I have not felt like posting reminders. This is a year of assessing. Assessing what is working and what isn’t. I hope you do the same with your life, especially utilizing the influence of this new moon. […]

Courage In Times of Cowardice

It is difficult to be courageous when being cowardly is the norm. What is required of all lightworkers, spiritual seekers, those claiming being “woke” and all those who understand, feel and see the reality of life in 2018 is this is the time to SPEAK UP! Stand for what you believe, based on what YOU […]

What’s Going On?

Been such a long time… I have not posted anything since November 2017. A lot has happened since then. I lost another relative just last week; my real reason for not posting is continued grieving for my baby sister. While I understand, especially at my age that I will lose loved ones, it doesn’t get […]