Weekly Angel Card March 29, 2015 |

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Weekly Angel Card March 29, 2015

Weekly Angel Card Angel Tarot Cards by: Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine 0 – The Dreamer – ArchAngel Metatron This angel card is the Fool in Tarot. There is a saying that God protects Fools and Children, so perhaps, God gives both Fools and children ArchAngel Metatron to protect them. I have long been considered […]

Fighting God and Other Insanities

Last Wednesday March 18th I was not on speaking terms with God again. I have done this several times in my life. How long I remained on non-speaking terms depended on my circumstances and how angry I was. This is why I love having the freedom of my own personal relationship with God, one unfettered […]

Weekly Angel Card March 22, 2015

Romance Angel Oracle Cards by: Doreen Virtue It Is Safe For You To Love! This angel card states that you can safely open your heart to love in all forms and fashions. The angels know the need to protect the heart against pain and hurtful people. Trust that you have grown, you are not the […]

New Moon Check March 2015

Almost missed this new moon check for abundance post. My week has been crazy hectic and it just was not top of mind. Today is the New Moon as well as the first day of Spring. As if I can tell with all the snow outside. For those who have followed the ritual, you know […]

Weekly Angel Card March 15, 2015

Mermaid and Dolphin Oracle Cards by: Doreen Virtue Self-Forgiveness “Let go of Old guilt and remember that You Are God’s perfect child!” This angel card piggy backs on the Worthiness card of last week. After all, with every release, reassessment and new growth, many of us go through the “Am I worthy?” phase yet again. […]