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Weekly Angel Card January 25, 2015

Weekly Angel Card Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue PLAY TIME! The weekly angel card is Play Time. January is the back to work month and some of us have taken that message a bit too literally. The dolphins, who love and understand the value of play is asking us to Chill. Play relaxes the mind […]

New Moon Check For Abundance January 20, 2015

January is almost gone and another New Moon Check for Abundance is waiting to be written. The energies of January feel lighter, yet the mood is just as dismal as December. We lost another member of my family last week. Seems as if the hits just keep on coming (at least for me and mine). […]

Weekly Angel Card January 18, 2015

Mermaids and Dolphin Oracle Cards by:Doreen Virtue PROTECTION! My favorite angel card, this card offers assurance that you, your loved ones and possessions are all safe and protected by a loving God. “Protection” states your prayers have been heard and here is your answer. Exhale. You are safe! Attacks and threats vanish in the flow […]

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A Day for Service NOT shopping! To allow Dr. Martin Luther King’s sacrifice of his life for justice and equality be turned into another “marketing holiday” is a travesty. We, and I include all people are now understanding that our $$$$$ have power, how we $pend and who we $pend […]

Weekly Angel Card January 11, 2015

Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by:Doreen Virtue Divine Magic! Helpful Person Whenever Divine Magic appears, I know that the angels are speaking to my current issues, problems, fears or hopes. This is a beautiful angel card, complete with a starlight night, a fairy granting wishes and a mermaid open and expecting miracles! Divine Magic speaks […]