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Today’s Daily Word

Daily Word by Unity July 31, 2014 Inherit I graciously say yes to my divine inheritance and use it wisely. Within me is the potential for meaningful, creative, and dynamic living. I am worthy and free to demonstrate life, wisdom, understanding, strength, and order—attributes of my divine inheritance. Inheriting the kingdom comes with the responsibility […]

Weekly Angel Card July 28, 2014

Angel Card of the Week! Mermaids and Dolphins FRIENDSHIP The weather outside is delightful and the Friendship card beckons you to make a play date. That’s right. Play dates are not just for children, let your inner child frolic and play. Enjoy the sunny days and warm weather for we never know when it will […]

New Moon Check July 26, 2014

The New MOON check for July 26, 2014 is here. I have offered the new moon check for abundance monthly since this blog was started in 2011. For some (like myself) this is habit, not quite a ritual but I certainly feel better when I utilize this technique. While employment options are getting better, I […]

Weekly Angel Card July 20, 2014

Weekly Angel Card Angel Tarot 8 of Air Air represents intellect, worry and brilliance. The 8 Of Air indicates the feeling, the illusion of being trapped. Trapped by circumstances, situations, relationships, your job, your family. The 8 of Air perfectly describes how I feel today. I feel like I am suffocating, cannot breathe, cannot even […]

Angel Card of the Week July 13, 2014

Mermaids and Dolphins PROTECTION! “You, your loved ones and your possessions are safe and protected by Heaven!” While I should not NEED to add more, I will! I ADORE this card. It is so appropriate that the morning after I charged my crystals (4 specifically for protection) and placed them outdoors to be charged by […]