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Archive for May 2014

Rest In Peace Dr Maya Angelou

Dr. Maya Angelou was one of the first black female writers I had the pleasure to discover at 15 years of age. Our public library had a Bookmobile that I visited on a weekly basis. The librarians knew me by name and could tell when I was punished because I would take out 6-8 books […]

May’s New Moon Abundance is in Gemini!

New MOON Check for Abundance! The NEW Moon for May is in Gemini! Did you know that as the resident Gemini, I come alive in May. And trust me, April was horrific, even by my standards. Yet, I feel the promise of abundance, gentle and persistent encouraging me to hold fast to my dreams, to […]

Angel Card of the Week 05/26/14

Angel Card Tarot #7 The Chariot ArchAngel Metatron Congratulations! The Chariot means you have successfully balanced a recent and challenging situation. Your ability to see and balance both sides of the issue and take appropriate action will give this concern closure. Your willingness to compromise, stay calm and grounded will bring you approval and accolades […]

Jayme Price – Weekly Light Blast

Sharing the Weekly Light Blast from Jayme Price Enjoy! Accessing Grace Life has a delicate beauty that is often lost in the perceptions of the world around you. When you look at Life, do you see beauty? Do you see the potential of beauty within any experience or any choice? It is not always evident […]

Angel Card of the Week – Passion!

Angel Card Deck: Romance Angels Card: Passion! Yes, I said PASSION! Just in time for the summer, hot and steamy right? Let’s bring this down a notch and bring it into the LIGHT! The passion card reminds us that passion can exist in every relationship and activity. It is not just relegated to “romance” but […]