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Black Moon Check For Abundance

March 30, 2014 brings the second Black MOON of this year! I mistakenly used “Blue MOON” in January, however, that phrase is in reference to FULL not NEW moons. MY BAD! Black Moon Black Moon may refer to: Black moon , one of four astronomical events involving new or dark moons. Black Moon (album), a […]

Are You A Spiritual Entrepreneur?

Building a business while attempting to adhere to your personal spiritual beliefs is challenging on the best of days. People who claim to be spiritual entrepreneurs many times are anything but. Learning to use discernment, intuition, open hearted acceptance and trust is the key to building and co-creating within a spiritual network. First, find the […]

Gratitude IS A Choice

Very little of what I need has materialized this month, and yet I choose gratitude. VERY LITTLE! To say I am a bit irritated would be an understatement. Until yesterday, I was both pissed and depressed. But to what ends? It does not help the situation. The situation is WHAT IS. I can choose to […]

A Message From Jack the Watcher

A Message from Jack the Watcher by: Jean Rockefeller Yesterday I noticed there was palpable energy coming from the Earth. I had periodic dizziness and headaches that thankfully, were fleeting. I didn’t really think too much of it as it was the first day of Spring and we have had an unusually brutal winter here […]

Faith is Today’s Daily Word

Faith My faith rests in God within. Daily Word Faith is not based on statistics or facts or what I perceive through my senses. Faith is “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” It comes from confidence in the presence and power of God within. If I have succumbed to […]