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Do You Want a FREE Angel Card Reading Gift Certificate?

Hoping your Thanksgiving was simply marvelous. Mine was very low key, my son had to be to work at 8pm! He is making plans NOT to be there next year! In the spirit of the season (Giving) I am offering you the opportunity to purchase two, yes 2 Angel Card Readings for the price of […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Birthday ASHLEY LOUISE! Happy Thanks Giving and Happy Hanukkah! The Holiday Season is Officially HERE!!! In giving thanks we find our way to light the path for another day Our hearts are eternally grateful, and gratitude is the gift we share no matter the journey, no matter the strife we have but one destination […]

A Message from Matthew

Been a while since a Message posted from Matthew’s mom, Suzy. This message is quite timely, especially in regard to the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. The sadness of that day, the pure and raw grief I saw on the faces of every adult I encountered on our walk home has never […]

When You Need Confirmation ASK For It!

The times have been few recently when every single thing I did flowed like water. While I must admit, most of the time the going is easy, there have also been many days of uphill and outright battles. So it was a pleasure this Saturday (11/16/13) to spend the day connecting with long lost friends, […]