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HOT Fun in the SummerTime!

It is SUMMER in Baltimore. Without the crushing heat and humidity that leaves you dripping sweat for just breathing outside. Nope, this is summer perfection! I am gonna enjoy every second of it. SOOOOOOOOOO, may not be posting as often as I usually do. Fear not, there are PLENTY of posts on here for you […]

The Age Of Aquarius and a Message from Matthew

Greetings My Friend, For so long, there have been rumors abounding regarding the coming “Age of Aquarius.” I wrote a post about it in June, 2011 – Oh yeah, I was all over this, in my mind and spirit. Yet, there appeared to be NO CHANGES. Here is my original post from June 19, 2011. […]

A Timely Message From Jack!

An update from Jack the Watcher Greetings and Welcome to a New Paradigm in the making! I and the other Watchers have been preparing for the upcoming celestial events that will literally usher in a New Era. I prefer to say a New World Order but this has negative connotations as it is associated with […]

Time To Follow Your Road

My week started with verse and rhyme, regarding time, movement and pathways to FOLLOW. May your journey be an adventure in love and LIGHT! Sharing a little Robert Frost and SEAWIND! Thanks for reading and listening! Michelle The Road Not Taken BY ROBERT FROST Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could […]

When You Free Your Mind…

Free YOUR Mind – En Vogue In wake of the travesty of justice for young Trayvon Martin, here is one of my contributions to the discussion. All you need to do is LISTEN! Thanks Michelle FREE YOUR MIND! Thanks En Vogue!