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A Daily Prayer To Share

This is my Prayer! Thank you God for this day Please come into my heart to stay Help me to be who I am meant to be Hand in hand, I will walk with thee… For this is my reality! AMEN, Amen, Amen! Thanks for reading! Michelle

Neale Donald Walsh

Added a BOOK page! WhooHOOOO! Read this on Friday (after I decided on Thursday night to ADD BOOKS for Spiritual Development to the site). When you are doing what you are SUPPOSED to be doing, God and your angels will send little “messages” your way to say RIGHT ON! Thanks for READING! Michelle Neale Donald […]

How Diversity Increases Tolerance

I am a New Yorker, born and bred. Like most New Yorkers, I accept that the world, just like New York is made up of all different kinds of folks. My immediate neighborhood comprised people who spoke Spanish, Yiddish and English. I never assigned a “color” but defined people based on the language they spoke. […]

Message from Matthew

This message came at a time when giving up appeared to be a viable option. While I KNOW I do not have that option, it certainly has it’s appeal. I have copied the first part of the message. IF the message resonates with YOU, YOUR JOB, should you choose to accept it is to click […]

Love IS My Religion

This is my one of my favorite ALL time Bible verses. It continues to confound me that the most hateful people in America CLAIM to be Christian. Yet, this one sentence sums up everything Jesus the Christ actually ASKED US TO DO! PROFOUND! Thanks for reading – the Daily Word link is also on my […]