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To Have a New World, We Must See a New World

To say this will be the last bombing, mass shooting or community tragedy would be naïve. I would hope by now you understand that change is HARD. Change is always resisted. Surely, change is never good for the ones who hold power, because what happens after most change is re-construction. Destruction followed by reconstruction. While […]

Are You Feeling Fear or Despair?

My beloved friend Bernard passed away Sunday morning. He was the second of my old “street crew” that we have lost. His generous, open heart and smile will be missed by us all. Rest in Peace Sweetie! Thanks for all you have done for us over the years. So happy your suffering has come to […]

Light BLAST!

Jayme Price has shared a wonderful message. The Weekly Light Blast April 20, 2013 by Jayme Price Discerning Many have been separated from their discernment through guilt, doubt and control. When you have the Fortitude to trust yourself, you are strong in your discernment, focused in your choice and flowing in your ability to create […]

How Do You Self Medicate?

Cannot even get out of the week without another tragedy occurring. Please keep your heart and mind intact. There will be more tragedies occurring as more negativity seeks to find a way out, a way to demoralize the collective “us.” My prayers, thoughts and sympathy for West, TX whose fertilizer plant exploded. Yet another thing […]

Messages From Matthew

This message contains some interesting information regarding homosexuality. This is one of the most divisive topics, not just in America, but around the planet. At some point, people need to understand we are all PEOPLE and deserve to be respected. I am not looking for the normal bull shit response equating homosexuality with bestiality or […]