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Are You Ready To Try Forgiveness?

Happy Easter! We all know the power of forgiveness. If you don’t know, can’t remember or just feel that it is not yet possible, let me give you a refresher course. Forgiveness is for and about you. It may be one of the truly selfish acts that you accomplish on your spiritual journey. It is […]

Jayme Price – Light Blast

Sharing the light blast for March 30, 2012 Weekly Light Blast Exceptions By Jayme Price Are there exceptions or are there not? It seems that there must be an incongruency somewhere as the world seems to function with exceptions. Why does this greedy one have that when we’re told that Love is powerful? Why does […]

Good Friday!

I love Good Friday. Growing up in Bermuda the celebration of Easter week was taken quite seriously. While I was too young to understand everything, the message of Good Friday was clear. Jesus the Christ died for our sins. He ascended to heaven to show us we live eternally in the grace of God. WE […]

A Message From Jack The Watcher

Happy Passover! This message is very long, but contains some really good information. Please take your time and read it, in parts if necessary. Answers to some interesting questions lie within. Have a most amazing day and thank you for reading! Much love, Michelle Spring has Sprung! by Jean Rockefeller and Jack the Watcher March […]

Do Not Compromise Your Integrity Part II

Thanks so much for reading the posts below. Integrity is so important at this time in our spiritual development. Do not let circumstance nor appearance lead you to compromise yours. Great information in 2011- even BETTER information in 2013. This is important, to you, to your community, country and planet. YEAH, that’s right. YOU ARE […]