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How Do You Deal With Hateful People?

Happy BIRTHDAY to my Godson Anthony and my nephew Lawrence. May you both have a blessed, prosperous and joyous 2013! A loaded question to say the least. The real issue is in being able to identify and isolate the people in your life who are hateful. You may be surprised at who those people are. […]

Messages from Matthew

Sharing a Message from Matthew. Thanks to Suzy Ward for her continued assistance in sharing information. The message is LONG. So, I have just given you the link to the message from Yahoo Groups. Thanks for reading! Michelle Messages From Matthew by Suzy Ward

Ruth Ryden Part II

Thanks for coming back! This is very long, so it will be the last post until next week. I share this because this gentle lady is a joy to correspond with. I look forward to the day when I can share my abundance with her. This portion is for EVERYONE who believes they have nothing […]

Ruth Ryden Part I

Long message from Ms.Ruth. Please come back on 2/22/13 to read part II. Appreciate! Michelle NEWSLETTER #125 FROM RUTH & THE MASTERS OF LIGHT *************************FEBRUARY, 2013 Part I**************************** Good morning! Well, we sure know it’s winter! Even here in Arizona, we had very low temperatures, causing an outside water pipe to break (repaired ok), a […]

Feeling Alone?

Valentine’s Day is a manufactured “holiday” if there ever was one. Using guilt and raising expectations for a person to “show” how much they love you one day a year is a bit of a stretch. I prefer my love each and everyday. I prefer for my beloved to WANT to do something daily that […]