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ArchAngel Michael Speaks

Lots of info to sharing. Trying to keep up! If you find something you think is of value, why not share it. Please use the contact me form to let me know. I will be happy to review! Thanks – Michelle Archangel Michael: Wonderful Things Are Happening Now Channeled by Ron Head May 22, 2012 […]

Do your relationships add up?

Looking at the relationships in your life, how do they add up?  All people either add (bring) or subtract (take) from you.  Investing in people who add to your live reflects positively on so many levels. Positive people make you feel good about yourself, your life and your values. Negative people literally bring you down. […]

Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven: Feel Your Bliss

More To Share. Review and Discern! Michelle Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven: Feel Your Bliss Channeled Through Fran Zepeda May 10, 2012 ======================================================= We speak to you today about Bliss. Bliss is your natural state. You go in and out of this state many times in the day. Many things bring you out of […]

SaLuSa: Concentrate on the Light Within

As with all SHARED information, your discernment is your best guide. Be blessed, Michelle SaLuSa: Concentrate on the Light Within Through Mike Quinsey May 14, 2012 ==================================== There is evidence of the inevitable collapse of the dark cabal, and you need to be on your guard. They will try every possible ruse and disinformation to […]

Uriel’s Message -On Being Humble

Passing along more INFORMATION! Please review using your discernment as to what feels right for YOU! Thanks for reading. Michelle Today’s Angel Message ==================== The quality of humility is necessary for mastery and allows your humanity to ascend into its divinity. It is by being humble that you allow your soul’s voice to guide your […]