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What would you do to create a new world?

Vital Information. YOU are now in charge of your thoughts. Guard them well. DO not let another take you from your space of PEACE, of LOVE, of JOY and Gratitude. Will take some work but I know you are up for the challenge! Let’s do this thing and do it well for all those who […]

Do They Make You Sparkle?

Sparkle: a : to throw out sparks b : to give off or reflect bright moving points of light c : to perform brilliantly d: to become lively or animated courtesy of Merriem-Webster People have a funny way of looking at relationships. Too many times we look at what the relationship gives us as opposed […]

Do You Know What You Have To Offer?

This is so true- I read it after I came home on Monday from a long day of appointments. The last lady who assisted me really made me feel like all is well and that I too have loads to share. Get out of your own way and share your light, joy and laughter with […]

Pleiadian Counsel of One: Resetting Your Karma

This post is long but important. Posting in it’s entirety. PLEASE read and save for review. I am sure this info will benefit you, if not now, then later this year. Thanks for reading! Michelle Pleiadian Counsel of One: Resetting Your Karma As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan April 18, 2012 We come forth from the […]

New Moon Check for Abundance

The New moon is April 21, 2012.  Writing a check on the new moon is a tip I received at least a decade ago. I do not know who it came from (but still appreciate greatly), and have used it on a monthly basis ever since. (I have since found my original info on the […]