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Are you ready to change fear to excitement?

Today’s Angel Message ==================== My dear friends, we love you so very much. Your earth is abuzz with anticipation. She is growing too, getting ready for change, and she loves you very much. Understand when she goes through transitions so do many souls who are ready for the next phase of their journey. So when […]

Angels Speak – ArchAngel Michael

Lots of info to share. Please come back and read all the “news” that’s fit to print! Thanks much, stay in the light and love, love, LOVE! Not gonna be easy, but hey, easy is over rated is it not? Much love, Michelle Today’s Angel Message ==================== You must keep the channel of communication open […]

Do you want a harvest for the world? Part 2

We are fast approaching the time when WE, the people of the this country and this planet will decide exactly what kind of people we are, or what kind of people we WANT to be. This is not propaganda, not pessimism, not bs, it is fact. Either we understand that we are all ONE, we […]

The tragic death of Trayvon Martin

While I have TRIED to not weigh in on this tragic death there still is a young man dead, he is black and we have seen this story before. Now, this is a spiritual blog and on that note, I will say young Trayvon must be the angel I thought of when I first saw […]

Do you want a harvest for the world? Part 1

The next post is important info for anyone actively “participating” in the ascension process. Active as in “aware” you are participating. We are ALL part of the ascension process and are contributing to this most amazing time! SaLuSa: We Are Ambassadors of the Light Through Mike Quinsey March 16, 2012 ==================================== You have an amusing […]