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Keeping It On The Real

Yehuda Berg Daily Tune Up Keep It Real Monday, February 27, 2012 Spiritually, the most important thing is to be an authentic human being. This comes before study or learning or understanding. As they come to know more, many people have a tendency to lose sight of this. They become overly pious because they […]

How Do You Define Challenges?

So, this is the question I have had for the last week. The challenges presented were in every form and from every direction. Family, friends, home, business, you name and this week showed it. Believe me when I say I have not been a happy camper. For those folks who think climbing a mountain is […]

Pisces New Moon!

Hello, A little late on this. New moon in Pisces is February 21, 2012. Never fear, you still have time to write your check! Lots going on here today. Please add your prayers for our dog, Astro who is 16 and not doing well at all. He has been with us almost as long as […]

A Message To Light Warriors Everywhere!

I am so happy to share this message with you. I don’t know how many of you this is currently affecting, but in the last week, I have HAD to take a nap, during the day. Something I have not done since I was recuperating last year. Needless to say,  between the tiredness and the […]

How Do You See The World?

Found this piece I wrote on July 28, 2009. That week was quite painful for me. Lots of personal loss and heartache during that time. I thought it so funny to see that even 3 years ago, I was preparing myself to write more spiritually attuned materials. Sharing with you now. I see a world […]