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The Sentence of Light- A Light Warrior Message!

Hello! This message was in the Light Circle Ezine. Of course, I have been given the right to share, and share is what the author wishes. Give credit where credit is due- Please! Loved the message and what it means on many levels to be a Light Warrior. It is a path chosen by many, […]

New Moon Check For September

Hello! NOW is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country! That means you, yes YOU must step up to the plate-DO what you are being guided to do without FEAR, without WORRY, and without HESITATION! Thanks for reading! Michelle The New moon is, September 27, 2011.  Writing a […]

An Answer to the Post of 9/19/11

Hello, As usual, when you put a question out into the universe, you get an answer-from several different sources. All the messages were the same in response to my post of September 19, 2001. That post was actually WRITTEN the first week of September. Believe you have access to ALL YOUR QUESTIONS. YOU must […]

I Give Generously and RECEIVE Abundantly!

Hello, Love this message. I Give Generously and RECEIVE Abundantly! THANK YOU GOD! So be it, and SO IT IS! Amen! Thanks for reading! Michelle Today’s Daily Word! Saturday, September 24, 2011 Prosperity I give generously and receive abundantly. God is the great divine energy present everywhere. As a creation of God, I am immersed […]

Archangel Gabriel: Creative Solutions for Lost Souls Part 2!

Hello again, Thanks for returning to read the second part of this message. It contains a powerful prayer – so please take advantage of ALL the information that is coming your way! Be blessed and thanks for the blessings! Michelle Billions of Years in Evolution Over billions of years single cell organisms learned to cooperate […]