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July New Moon Check For Abundance

Hello, New moon is tonight, July 30, 2011. Please reference my prior posting from June 2nd. We are ON TIME this month. Make it COUNT and make this month amazingly ABUNDANT! Thanks for reading, Michelle New Moon Check for Abundance  

Are You Willing To Heal Yourself FIRST?

Hello, Now is the time to be about you. Time to focus on your needs to be healed, whole, loved and happy. Don’t you think you deserve these gifts? Are you ready to bring those qualities into your life? All you need to do is ask, with a heart to serve and your wishes will […]

How Do You Define Faith?

Hello, So much to share so little TIME! Got the Daily Word- Had to share. It contained one of my all time favorite Bible verses “NOW FAITH, is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen”  Hebrews 11:1 Also, using just the numbers, 111 as defined by Angel Numbers (by Doreen Virtue) […]

Lets Heal Our Money “Issues” Part IV

Hello, Thanks for coming back for the final part of this series. Enjoy the message and thanks for your time! Michelle I AM Speaks:  Choose Your Thoughts Received by Laura Goldman Weinberg =================================================== Choose Your Thoughts ____________________ You are the creator of your destiny. You have the power of thought. Choose the Highest Good for […]

Giving Graciously, Freely and Often!

Hello, Thanks for your time. Short and to the point. Our lives are made worthwhile by the things we GIVE! So give freely, graciously and often. And, when someone is giving to YOU, accept with love and gratitude! Thanks for reading! Michelle Today’s Daily Word (okay this is Yesterday’s Daily Word, but a Word just […]