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What Are You Waiting On To Let YOUR Light Shine?

Part Two No longer can I front or keep my spiritual talents on the down low. I am a powerful spiritual healer though I know not how that will  manifest.  I also am a natural intuit which has been increased even more this year. I have an creased ability to hear, smell and see what […]

Are You Planting Seeds Of Gratitude?

Hello Dear Ones! Short and sweet today. Part 2 of “Letting Your Light Shine” will post on Friday. Enjoy this day in laughter, love and Gratitude! Today’s Daily Word Wednesday, April 27, 2011 Gratitude I am grateful for everyone and everything. As I awake, I take a deep, body-filling breath in and out. With each […]

What Are You Waiting On To Let YOUR Light Shine?

Part One Many people feel it is not their place to speak their own, personal message on faith and spirituality.  For others, it is the reconciling of their religious beliefs with their spirituality and the ability to separate the two. Now, this is not a discourse on religion and how it impacts our daily life. […]

ReBirthing A New You!

Happy Easter and Blessed Passover.  This was High Holy week in both Christianity and Judaism. My prayer for you is that you have utilized the grace, love, mercy and light that has streamed upon our planet for the last 44 days. All who seek are welcomed and encouraged to seek more.  Now is the time […]

What Or Whom Did You Release For Lent?

Hello and Welcome! Even though I do not attend church often, I have always considered the 40 days of Lent to be sacred, spiritual time.  I use this time to ground myself, to plant my dream seeds and make sure I am on the right path for the things I desire to manifest. Lent reminds […]