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Are You Willing To Share Your Light Daily?

Sharing your light can be as simple as a smile to a stranger, a thank you to a service rep, or holding the door for another person.  Many times we are just too “busy” to even think about these simple gestures of kindness. It requires you moving out of “yourself” and acknowledging there are others […]

Abundance And Beauty Surrounds You – Do You Feel It?

We live in a world full of abundance and beauty. Can you FEEL it?  Do you choose to See it?  Sometimes it is all about perception. At times the  perception and the reality are the same.  Myself in particular, I have been really dragging these last two weeks. No energy, very little joie de vivre.  […]

Are You Aware That You Have A Song To Sing?

I have been looking for an article I used several years ago marketing some all natural products.  The article is about what your soul KNOWS, and tries to convey to you. What many people do not understand, is the longings you feel are whispers from your soul/spirit nudging you in very specific directions. While it […]

Let’s Get Prepared- Are you Ready?

I am separating my spiritual links and my preparedness links pages due to the recent panic regarding radiation and a possible meltdown of the nuclear power plants in Japan. First, PLEASE use the power of prayer (and creating Most Beneficial Outcomes/Benevolent Prayers) for all current and future disasters. Continue this practice daily, sending love and […]

Time to Plant Your Spiritual Garden

Ms. Shanta Gabriel shares her messages from Archangel Gabriel with the world. This message (from the Light Circle Ezine by Lady Isis) was so in line with my blog, that I requested permission to re-post. Thank  you Ms. Shanta! Michelle Archangel Gabriel: Planting the Garden of Your Soul A Message for Spring Equinox Received by […]